• IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Extra;Blend;Joy;Ipalyss;Dea;ConnectAir;TonicII
    Atelier Collections

    Together we work to create a seamless connection between functional perfection and aesthetic beauty. This is what we call the Eternal Value of Design.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Around;Dea;TonicII;bathtubs
    Atelier Collections Bathtubs

    A diverse selection of luxurious free-standing bathtubs - offering choice in both style, color and shape. This is the center of relaxation that one ultimately indulges.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Ceramics;Basins
    Conca ceramics collection

    Sensual and minimal. The new Conca is a contemporary design interpretation of an icon. It merges tactile beauty and function.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Furniture
    Conca Furniture

    Minimalist and modular. Conca furniture units open a whole range of possibilities through materials, colours and shapes. All elements come together to create contemporary arrangements. Permutations are endless.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Taps;Mixers
    Conca Taps collection

    Refined elegance, lightness and personality, this is Conca's identity. A visual footprint that doesn’t break the pure geometries of the washbasin lines. The maturity of the design removes the unnecessary and creates empathy.

  • IS_Ipalyss_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Ceramics;Basins

    A range of washbasins, made possible through Diamatec® ultra-thin ceramic technology and characterized by a sensual expression that makes them unique in their simplicity. Different shapes combined with a revisited colour palette harking back to Ideal Standard’s historical colours. A bold combination of craft & Innovation pushing the boundaries of interior design.

  • IS_Extra_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Ceramics;Basins
    Extra Ceramics collection

    The perfect proportions for an evergreen square design. A deep range that combines an architectural vision with sculptured geometries. Thin lines delivering a clutter-free feeling, perfect for all spaces.

  • IS_Blend_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Toilet;Bidet
    Blend - toilet and bidet collection

    Transversal by design, Blend Cube and Blend Curve WC, Perfectly match all collections. A proposition that brings simplicity and frees the designers' creativity and expression.

  • IS_ConnectAir_Mixers_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Taps
    Connect Air Taps collection

    Freshness and lightness. Connect Air was inspired by the Idea of fusing a classic geometric piece - the tap - with shapes that transition organically from each other. All with a sense of light airiness.

  • IS_Joy_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Taps;Mixers
    Joy Taps collection

    Much more than a cylindrical tap. A single cast piece inspired by botanical grafts, Joy fuses elegance and strength into a minimal, never ordinary collection that knows how to surprise in its simplicity.

  • IS_Prosys_Multiroduct_Bro_MEG

    ProSys™ provides the complete installation solution for all washroom fixtures – toilets, bidets, basins, urinals and showers. Within the range, solutions for both solid and dry wall applications are available.

  • IS_Sphero_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG

    A smarter urinal range that’s fit for the modern world. Available in three sizes, its concave anti-splash bowl and rounded body house our unique Smart Sensor technology which delivers water-saving benefits as well as outstanding hygiene.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_CeraFamily;CeraplanIII;CerafineD;CerafineO;Ceraflex;Ceraline

    Simpler to select from, faster to fit and with the hidden brilliance of our ceramic disc technology, the Cera Family is a small collection that offers almost unlimited solutions.

  • IS_Ceralook_Multiroduct_Bro_MEG

    Ceralook kitchen mixers offer a great comfort area with slim models for an elegant looks.

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