Palomba Serafini Associati


Palomba Serafini Associati

Tracing our past, forging our future

Designed by Palomba Serafini Associati, Conca’s philosophy is informed by the functional and aesthetic value of the geometrical structure in architecture, in design and in the figurative arts. The collection’s simplicity draws its inspiration from Ideal Standard collections of the 1970s – the collection that introduced considered design to the world of the bathroom.

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  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Extra;Blend;Joy;Ipalyss;Dea;ConnectAir;TonicII
    Atelier Collections

    Together we work to create a seamless connection between functional perfection and aesthetic beauty. This is what we call the Eternal Value of Design.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Taps;Mixers
    Conca Taps collection

    Refined elegance, lightness and personality, this is Conca's identity. A visual footprint that doesn’t break the pure geometries of the washbasin lines. The maturity of the design removes the unnecessary and creates empathy.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Ceramics;Basins
    Conca ceramics collection

    Sensual and minimal. The new Conca is a contemporary design interpretation of an icon. It merges tactile beauty and function.

  • IS_Conca_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Furniture
    Conca Furniture

    Minimalist and modular. Conca furniture units open a whole range of possibilities through materials, colours and shapes. All elements come together to create contemporary arrangements. Permutations are endless.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Around;Dea;TonicII;bathtubs
    Atelier Collections Bathtubs

    A diverse selection of luxurious free-standing bathtubs - offering choice in both style, color and shape. This is the center of relaxation that one ultimately indulges.

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