Robin Levien


Robin Levien

Challenging convention, redefining lightness

Our Ipalyss collection goes beyond beauty delivered through ultra-thin ceramics and colour. In combination with our coloured faucets, furniture and accessories – powerful and personal compositions, previously unimaginable, are now possible. Discover 10 new colours which have been designed to complement popular modern materials, such as marble and stone.

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  • IS_Ipalyss_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Ceramics;Basins

    A range of washbasins, made possible through Diamatec® ultra-thin ceramic technology and characterized by a sensual expression that makes them unique in their simplicity. Different shapes combined with a revisited colour palette harking back to Ideal Standard’s historical colours. A bold combination of craft & Innovation pushing the boundaries of interior design.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Extra;Blend;Joy;Ipalyss;Dea;ConnectAir;TonicII
    Atelier Collections

    Together we work to create a seamless connection between functional perfection and aesthetic beauty. This is what we call the Eternal Value of Design.

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