Concept Air room shot, showing wall hung toilet, vanity basin unit with mirror above and edge of shower enclosure

Robin Levien

Connect Air

Robin Levien

Connect Air - When lightness designs space

Delicate yet robust. Sharp yet flexible. Robin Levien and his award-winning studio have developed the design philosophy of the ever-popular Connect collection to create Connect Air. Sleek and slim, with refined edges and a feather-like form, the collection takes its inspiration from nature and conjures a feeling of weightless elegance.

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  • IS_ConnectAir_Mixers_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Taps
    Connect Air Taps collection

    Freshness and lightness. Connect Air was inspired by the Idea of fusing a classic geometric piece - the tap - with shapes that transition organically from each other. All with a sense of light airiness.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_Bro_MEG_Atelier;Conca;Extra;Blend;Joy;Ipalyss;Dea;ConnectAir;TonicII
    Atelier Collections

    Together we work to create a seamless connection between functional perfection and aesthetic beauty. This is what we call the Eternal Value of Design.

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