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Slim, smart, refreshing.

IdealRain Family

A complete shower range with one of the flattest handsprays around. Practical for everyday use without compromising comfort, Idealrain brings unsurpassed efficiency, function and ideal showering pleasure.

Designed by: Artefakt


Since Pohl and Fiegl founded Artefakt Industrikultur in 1989, this German design company has built an enviable reputation within product design. The trademark simplicity and sensuality of their designs has helped the team win a number of international awards. The Attitude range for Ideal Standard is a great example of their distinctive, everyday products that integrate beautifully into their surroundings.

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  • Showering


    What's the key to a great shower? You need to...

    What's the key to a great shower? You need to consider style, how much space you have and the level of control you need.

  • Taps & mixers

    Taps & mixers

    We've got something for everyone; a...

    We've got something for everyone; a comprehensive range of simple and intuitive-to-use taps and mixers for the bath, shower, basin and even kitchen.