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ProSys™ Pre-wall systems

Better on every level

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ProSys™ provides the complete pre-wall solution for all washroom fixtures: toilets, bidets, basins, urinals and showers. With different products for solid and dry wall applications, ProSys™ is ideal for a wide variety of projects. ProSys™ pre-wall systems have a range of features that enable easy installation and servicing, save energy and water, and improve hygiene. With end-to-end quality control and exceeding testing standards, the ProSys™ system provides complete peace of mind. The versatile range is also the perfect match for our collections of ceramics, fittings and flush plates.


Engineered with the future in mind

  • Standard in all ProSys™ cisterns, our innovative SmartValve saves up to 63 litres a week, which corresponds to a 12% reduction* in users’ water bills. This special inlet valve only allows refilling of the cistern after the flush is complete, avoiding any wastage of water during flushing. Not only does it promote water conservation, it is also so quiet it has been certified by NF as acoustic Class 1.

    *Comparing average use in a single-family dwelling of 4 people.

  • SmartForce technology removes the need for an electricity supply or batteries to power a capacitive control plate by harnessing the power of the flush to generate energy. The system is available with our no-touch dual flush control plates, which only require the approach of a hand to activate the flush, making them ultra-hygienic.

  • Ideal Standard's SmartFlush is a self-contained refillable system, placed inside the cistern, where a disinfectant is stored. On each flush, an exact dose of liquid disinfectant is dispensed into the toilet.
    Without any effort from the user, SmartFlush creates a fresh atmosphere and provides an immediate feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

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