Designed to defend


Designed to defend

Advanced healthcare solutions

Pathogenic bacteria evolve fast. Infection control specialists know the fight against them demands microscopic attention to detail. This is why we explore in depth how the materials our products are made of can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. We examine how to manage the flow of water so bugs cannot grow or be transmitted easily. We look at the structure of fittings so they are easy to dismantle and disinfect. The MARKWIK 21+ solution was developed using this rigorous, scientific approach. They are the products of years of experience and research. For healthcare professionals, they are a powerful ally in the fight against infection.


Life changing innovation for demanding environment

  • MARKWIK 21+ mixers are designed for thermal cleansing and are equipped with a built-in thermal cleansing feature. This allows the maximum blend temperature stop to be overridden, using the hot water supply temperature in the system, for the most effective cleanse process possible.

  • When water flows with more force and turbulence it helps to remove biofilm build-up. MARKWIK 21+ mixers feature small-bore antimicrobial pipes and a simplified design to promote this effect. Plastic components resist heat transfer to the mixer body.

  • Thermostatic cartridge features a one-piece design for ease of changing and cleaning, and uses minimal plastics, reducing bacteria build-up compared with other designs. To discourage bacteria, the MARKWIK 21+ cartridge is manufactured with more brass and less plastic. Where plastic is used, we have chosen grades that are less attractive to bacteria.

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