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Ipalyss combines the best of nature: extreme robustness and delicate thin line; thanks to our new super thin ceramic material and Diamatec Technology. The overflow in these vessels has been thoughtfully integrated into the design, which gives you a discreet result and slotted design that does not compromise the clean lines and minimalism of the piece. The look and the feel of the range was developed in conjunction with the multi-award winning designer Robin Levien. By working with Studio Levien our designers and engineers were able to be leaders in the 'light design' trend.

The Thinking Behind The Design

We've been pushing the boundaries of design to produce ceramics that are very thin, yet strong enough to withstand heavy daily use - and so Ipalyss was born! The striking aesthetics of our new Ipalyss vessels range were developed in conjunction with the multi-award winning designer Robin Levien, and his design studio, who have been designing for Ideal Standard for 30 years.
Robin Levien commented: "The lightness of the design is expressed by a combination of two key elements: the concave exterior, which creates a small footprint, and the extremely fine edge. The super-strong Diamatec ceramic material has enabled me to create an almost flower-like appearance. Looks can be deceiving though, as these are far from delicate basins – like a flower in the wind, thin can be strong. As always, I am looking for beauty combined with functionality, and with the IPALYSS® design, I feel I have really achieved this."

Beauty With Inner Strength

Diamatec is the culmination of over 200 years of innovation in ceramics by Ideal Standard. Our revolutionary ceramic allows us for the first time to manufacture bathware with very fine, thin, straight edges that is nonetheless, extremely strong, and appropriate for a wide range of demanding environments.
Diamatec, our new thin ceramic material, was developed following investigation into other areas where ceramics are expected to be thin, strong, and attractive, such as hotel tableware. We chose the best and latest technologies from these and other sectors, and precisely blended ingredients such as Alumina, known for its hardness and strength, and Chamotte, which prevents cracking and adds structural strength. The result is a new material that is particularly suitable for demanding environments, where the need to combine strong aesthetics with hard-wearing durability is paramount.

Robustly Tested

To ensure Ipalyss vessels can resist heavy usage over a long period we tested our Diamatec Technology at Lucideon, the independent materials testing institute, and our vessels withstood the maximum impact energy that could be delivered by the test machine.
Diamatec also performed well in an edge chipping test, where a metal ball was swung into the product. These results illustrate the robustness of Diamatec that enables us to achieve the holy grail of ceramics: extremely strong, thin, straight edges.

the lightest of light design

Light design’ is an important influence in fields as varied as architecture, manufacturing, and fashion. Products in the Ipalyss range are especially well suited for demanding environments, such as hotels, apartment block or even restaurants where an effective combination of aesthetics and durability is of paramount importance. The design maximizes available vessel space resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Vessels are available in:

  • Vessel without overflow

    The cleanest design aesthetic, suitable for...

    The cleanest design aesthetic, suitable for high-end residential projects.

  • Vessel with overflow

    The addition of an overflow makes the...

    The addition of an overflow makes the configuration practical for hotel use, as operators cannot risk some guests leaving a tap on and causing a flood. The overflow itself is extremely thin, which preserves the integrity of the design.

  • Vessel with overflow and tap hole

    The addition of the tap hole makes this...

    The addition of the tap hole makes this configuration extremely suitable for hotels that wish to provide complimentary toiletries for their guests. It is also suitable for projects where a wall-mounted tap is impractical.