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It is not just a matter of a nicely designed product. Better performance, superior aesthetics, technological advances and improved efficiency is the ultimate goal. With this in mind, we’ve expanded the IDEALRAIN shower range and added two new models: EVO and EVO JET. With refined profiles, updated technologies and high quality engineering, they’re designed to meet any showering needs.


When higher performance, IdealRain is equipped to deliver. The arrival of Evo and Evo Jet creates new experiences for users and new looks for the showering area, whether is intended for commercial or civic, renovation or new build installation. With a wide choice of elegant styles and innovative functions, improving efficiency and comfort, there’s an iDealrain solution to enhance any specification required.


IdealRain Evo & Evo Jet handsprays embody our long history of creating innovative solutions that perform with quality and reliability. We have added some of the most advanced technologies that assure high performance, a long service life and efficiency. You can now easily change between spray modes with a single touch of NAVIGO push button, and enjoy an ultimate showering experience.
For improved user safety, we have also added the 'Cool Body Technology' that stops the handspray body from becoming hot to prevent burning and scalding.


When it comes to installation, we know that time is money. So all IDEALRAIN showering systems are installed using the Easymount system, which allows easy adjustments during installation, making IDEALRAIN quick to fit, saving time and keeping projects on track.
IDEALRAIN solutions are made in Europe and come with a five-year guarantee. And because each market has very specific norms and compliance rules, we have ensured that the IDEALRAIN range meets the following norms: WRAS in the UK, ACS in France, and KTW & W270 in Germany.


IdealRain looks good, for longer. our designers considered every detail to evolve the range to combine eye-catching aesthetics with durability. strong yet slim, with modern contours and streamlined profiles,
the handsprays are light in the hand and intuitive to use. While the metal wall bracket and metal slider with its ergonomic pin are much more robust than plastic fittings.
the entire range stands up to the challenges of frequent daily use and high traffic, making IdealRain Evo & Evo Jet perfect for hotels, leisure centres, airports and residential projects. in short: IdealRain is built to last.


Water is one of our most precious resources. The Idealrain Evo and Evo Jet collection is engineered in Germany and provides efficiency, with no loss of experience for users. All handsprays feature an in-built 8 L/min pre-fitted flow regulator, that reduces water consumption without compromising on comfort, enjoyment or reliability, in high pressure systems that reach 8 L/min without impacting user experience, while the precision-designed flow engine delivers optimal spray performance.


The demands imposed on commercial bathrooms are completely different to those placed on home bathrooms. So, at Ideal Standard, we brought the full weight of our over 100 years of experience to bear when we designed our IdealRain Evo & Evo Jet collection. It will survive the impact of a high traffic environment and shrug off the rigours of a commercial cleaning regime. It will perform reliably and economically, year after year, guest after guest.

Designed for Maximum Comfort

As its name suggests, IdealRain creates a showering experience that's designed to delight. This range features large handsprays to ensure maximum comfort. The nozzles go right to the edge of the sprayplate to maximise downpour.
Big downpours and different spray modes mean you can choose the shower to match your mood: invigorating, relaxing, or just comforting.


  • RAIN

    This popular mode creates a relaxing downpour...

    This popular mode creates a relaxing downpour thanks to nozzles that extend up to the sprayplate edge.


    On EVO models, on the aerated rain spray mode, air...

    On EVO models, on the aerated rain spray mode, air is sucked into the water to deliver an even gentler, yet still cleansing, showering experience.


    On EVO JET, our proprietary Drop Jet technology...

    On EVO JET, our proprietary Drop Jet technology creates water droplets that are even softer, delivering a truly luxurious feel.


    Available on all handsprays, the massage spray...

    Available on all handsprays, the massage spray mode delivers a truly invigorating experience.