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  • Freedom of Choice

    Connect Freedom

    The new Connect Freedom collection of Ideal Standard offers the "Freedom of Choice". Toilet models with enlarged dimensions in projection, size and height give you the opportunity to create the bathroom of your choice, without limitations.

  • Connect Rimless


    Rimless design for ease of maintenance and optimal hygiene, ensuring a powerful water stream for perfect rinsing. Advanced engineering for everyday living.

  • Small bathroom solutions

    Connect Space

    Slim basins and compact WCs shave precious centimetres off the projection which makes a big impact on user comfort in small or awkward spaces. A slimmer design for more room to manoeuvre.

Big thinking for any bathroom space

Space is the ultimate luxury. Space to live, to relax or just be by ourselves. No matter how much we have, it never seems enough and this is doubly true in the bathroom. For that reason, Ideal Standard, expert in bathroom Ergonomics, has designed different products, so that the Bathroom area can be personalised and represents one’s real needs and requirements. Two different concepts, the Connect Space and the Connect Freedom represent the “My Bathroom concept” and has been created only for you!

Freedom of Choice with Connect Freedom

Robin Levien the leading bathroom designer, has created Connect complete bathroom solution. Because everyone’s personal needs and requirements are different, Robin Levien designed Connect Freedom range, which offers huge flexibility, with WC that are larger in dimensions – higher and with longer projection and width compared to the other WCs. Let your imagination flow around Connect’s curves and smooth lines and design the bathroom that suits you.

Creative Space Solutions with Connect Space

Your creative thinking doesn’t have to be limited by the space you have available or the shape of your bathroom. Connect Space is specifically designed to provide compact, space saving bathroom products and intelligent storage solutions to help you make the most of all your available space. And, of course, Connect Space items are completely compatible with all other Connect family members.
Connect Space bowls and basins , with short projection, are ideal for the secondary bathrooms. Compact solutions that combine design, practicality, ergonomics.

Enhanced Hygiene with Connect Rimless

You do not need to have concerns anymore about “hidden areas” and bacteria creation in your WC, that cannot be cleaned, or demand high effort and cleaning time. Connect Rimless innovative design will do all the work for you! Watch this video

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  • Washing area

    Washing area

    This is the most frequently used part of a...

    This is the most frequently used part of a bathroom, so choose a design to suit your taste and fully meet your practical requirements. Whether you want modern or classic, rounded or more geometric, Ideal Standard's wide range of products can offer all kinds of solutions to help you create your own ideal bathroom.

  • WC & Bidet

    WC & Bidet

    Choose a WC and bidet to complement your basin...

    Choose a WC and bidet to complement your basin shape and bathroom style.

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