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Ceraline - The prominent design choice for fittings


At Ideal Standard we strive to achieve perfection, by offering high quality, variety of options that cover all customer needs, as well as a great design. That’s why we made Ceraline!
A wide range of quality fittings that follows a cylindrical design, a predominant trend in UK and other EU
countries, as well as Middle East.



Distinguished for its cylindrical trendy design, Ceraline deserves to be the first option for whatever project you may have to carry out, whether it is a simple renovation or a new construction, a residential or a public bathroom. With 6 different basin mixers rim-mounted & built-in, bidet, bath & shower mixers - rim mounted, wall mounted & built in, there is no need that remains uncovered & no demand that remains unsatisfied. Such a wide variety of mixers to choose from! Ceraline fittings adorn every space & respond to all needs with innovation, functionality and sturdiness.


Ceraline saves water too. It uses improved CLICK technology, with a mechanical stop that allows limiting the water flow at 50% of the mixer’s capacity, to just what’s needed for washing hands for example – five litres/minute, rather than the usual nine. One can access the full capacity with a slight extra push of the handle. The rim - mounted basin mixers come with integrated special regulators that provide 5l/min flow rate, without compromising the water volume. Over time this can mean a major saving for hotels, offices, public areas, as well as the household.



Ceraline uses the EasyFix system. A single stainless-steel bolt secures and centres the mixer automatically, so installation couldn’t be easier.
All components also come pre-assembled to save time. Wall-mounted showers use our proprietary fixing bracket. This is mounted on to the wall, rather than inside it, which greatly reduces installation time, and allows easy access for maintenance.
Ceraline is also designed to fit and match many different Ideal Standard ceramics.


  • IdealStandard_Ceraline_BasinMixer

    Basin Mixers

  • IdealStandard_Ceraline_VesselMixer

    Vessel mixer

  • IdealStandard_Ceraline_BidetMixer

    Bidet mixer

  • IdealStandard_Ceraline_BathandShower_Mixer

    Bath & Shower mixers

  • IdealStandard_Ceraline_Shower_Mixer

    Shower mixer

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