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The smart choice for reliable fittings

Our new Ceraflex® range of mixers draws on over 100 years of experience at the forefront of bathroom and kitchen design. Combining innovative technologies with smart new design, makes this product the ideal choice for a whole range of settings. With the EasyFix system, Ceraflex® can be fitted and maintained easily, without leakage or limescale.

Designer: ArteFakt

Designer agency Artefakt, whose owners Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl are passionate about crafting bathroom solutions to work for every individual's requirements, are responsible for the design of Ceraflex® mixers. Since Pohl and Fiegl founded Artefakt Industrikultur in 1989, this German design company has built an enviable reputation within product design. The trademark simplicity of their designs has helped the team win a number of international awards. The Artefakt items under Ideal Standard brand are a great example of their distinctive, everyday products that integrate beautifully into their surroundings.

Style, Simplicity, Performance

At Ideal Standard we believe that it is important to get the balance right between design, quality, easy maintenance and installation, in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction. With its simple, yet modern clear-cut lines, Ceraflex® is designed to complement any bathroom or kitchen and at the same time combines innovative technologies that give a definate edge. Whatever the type of building, whether it is residential or public establishment, Ceraflex® offers a smart solution that looks great, performs flawlessly and saves money in the long term.

Water Saving & Safety

Ceraflex® saves water and offers safety. It uses improved CLICK technology, with a mechanical stop that allows limiting the water flow at 50% of the mixer‘s capacity, to just what‘s needed for washing hands for example - five litres/minute, rather than the usual 9 litres. One can access the full capacity with a slight extra push of the handle. The rim-mounted mixers come with integrated regulators that offer max 5lt/min flow rate, without compromising the water volume. Safety is the result of the temperature control of hot water: with the integrated temperature pin, water can be reduced at any given time. With just a simple lifting and balancing of the red plastic ring in positions 1-7, the handle‘s range of movement is delimited and maximum temperature is reduced.

FirmaFlow® cartridge

Longer lasting quality

In the 1960‘s, we revolutionized water management in the bathroom with the invention of the Ceramic Disc Cartridge. Now, we are taking it a step further. Ceraflex® features Firmaflow™ - our new updated, more robust and durable ceramic cartridge.
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, our new ceramic cartridge is the best we‘ve ever made. And that‘s saying something, because we invented them. This cartridge lasts nearly twice as long as the industry standard - 500,000 cycles, compared to the standard 300,000 cycles - giving you 10 to 15 years of regular daily use.


Step 1

Take out the fitting from the box and check that it is complete according to manufacturing specification.

Step 2

Place the fitting above the basin, with the flexible hoses through the installation hole.

Step 3

Mount the sealing plate and rubber over the fitting's stud and tighten the M8 nut with an appropriate torque and the fitting will be fixed and stable.

Fittings are available in:

  • Basin mixers

    Ceraflex mixers offer a variety of models, from...

    Ceraflex mixers offer a variety of models, from basic model to Grande to high spout to wall - mounted version, with click technology or integrated flow regulator, etc.

  • Bidet mixer

    Ceraflex® bidet mixer has all Ideal Standard...

    Ceraflex® bidet mixer has all Ideal Standard features, is more durable and can be easily a great design match for any bidet!

  • Bath and shower mixers

    Create a great bath & shower experience with the...

    Create a great bath & shower experience with the exposed and built‐in Ceraflex® mixers. Packed with quality features and our new cartridge for extra durability, the exposed model is available with and without shower accessories, while the built - in is very slim and stylish!

  • Shower mixers

    Featuring the Ceramic disc cartridge and hot water...

    Featuring the Ceramic disc cartridge and hot water limiter, Ceraflex® mixers come in both exposed and built - in models. Look at the extra thin elegant profile of the built - in shower mixer.

  • Kitchen mixers

    The contemporary, clear cut lines of the Ceraflex®...

    The contemporary, clear cut lines of the Ceraflex® range of mixers can easily be transfered in your kitchen, by using the high spout or the wall mounted kitchen mixer.