Designed to think ahead

Smart Sensor

Designed to think ahead

Meeting the needs of tomorrow

Sphero’s hidden technology revolutionises urinal performance and water usage. Its smart sensor detects urine concentration reducing the frequency of flush therefore saving water. The spreader features a built-in warning light, offering visual feedback if there are blockages, flush failure or battery end-of-life. Sphero Maxi’s Autoflush feature lets you switch between three flush modes – Hybrid, Standard and Waterless – giving you the control to adapt to any situation and pattern of use, and with an option to provide live maintenance feedback through the app. Sphero, by Armitage Shanks, means you can expect obsessive attention to detail.


Engineered with the future in mind

  • Sphero’s hidden smart sensor detects salinity and urinal use, activating flushes and using water only when needed. Sphero Maxi’s E-Hybrid model also sends live information to a mobile app, keeping you up to date with information such as power, flow and cartridge life – and giving you full control over flush modes.

  • Sphero's Smart Hybrid models can save over 47,000L per year when compared to infrared solutions in high-traffic environments. 200 people using a standard flush urinal would expend an average of 170L of water. The Sphero in Hybrid mode would use just 40L. A reduction of approx. 70%.

  • The Sphero’s visual simplicity isn’t lost during installation. The wall-mounted installation template with integrated rubber seal as well as the easy fix hanger make fitting quick and effortless. Our unique easy maintenance bracket offers easy and hygienic servicing. It allows you to swing the urinal away from the wall like opening a door, without having to fully detach it.

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