01. Jun 2012
Case Study

Ideal Standard moves into the Olympic Village

Amongst the locations that Ideal Standard was able to win over are the living quarters of the Olympic athletes, the Handball Arena, the Aquatic Centre, the International Broadcast Centre and the Olympic Stadium, which has a total of 430 toilets.

Shots of the London Olympic Stadium and Olympic Village

The International Broadcast Centre, or IBC for short, is the focal point for over 20,000 journalists from all over the world. Another property in the Olympic Village area is the Westfield Shopping Centre. It is the largest urban shopping center in Europe and has also been equipped with Ideal Standard products. After the Olympic Games, around 2,818 regular living spaces will be created from the facilities.

Ideal Standard is already qualified for 2014. Ideal Standard is also ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The largest hotel complexes around the Olympic grounds - "Dagomys", "Sea Pearl Hotel" and the "Tulip Inn" - are already getting equipped with mixers and bath ceramics from Ideal Standard. In addition, the Olympic Committee VIP area and one of the Olympic Villages will be equipped with Ideal Standard sanitary solutions. The CeraMix Blue mixer series and the Idealrain shower series are used here.

Ideal Standard has stood for the highest quality and innovative strength in the areas of design, technology, and service for over a 100 years.

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