31. May 2014
Case Study

The first kindergarten was equipped with new Ideal Standard sanitary programme

The joy was evident when educators and children were allowed to take possession of their newly equipped washrooms and toilets in the summer of 2014. The new Contour 21 Schools ceramic product range line was very well received by the four- to six-year-olds at the Kindergarten Friesenstrasse e.V. in Lüdenscheid.

"Children love round shapes," according to the experience of the kindergarten’s director, Wiebke Wenz. Soft, round shapes also mean less risk of injury - because the children like to charge about, even in the washrooms. The forward-curved tap landing of the basin ensures that even the youngest guests can reach the mixers easily. The basins are available in two sizes: 40 cm and 60 cm wide. They have no visible overflow hole. This is for hygienic reasons, but also for practical reasons, since the risk of accidental clogging of the overflow by children is minimized. 

When selecting the mixers, a single-lever mixer from Ideal Standard, the Connect Blue basin mixer, was deliberately chosen. "Sensor mixers are like magic for little children and entice them to play with water," says Wiebke Wenz. Thanks to the integrated water saving CLICK technology that allows limiting the water flow of the mixer’s capacity. This gives children an important lesson to learn - they can reduce water consumption by 50 percent when washing their hands. Connect Blue basin mixers are not only water and energy efficient; they deliver 100% nickel- and lead-free drinking water through waterways separated from the body of the mixer and, thanks to the Cool Body technology, provide effective protection against burns and scalding as the body of the fitting cannot heat up.

In addition, compact CeraPlus corner valve thermostats have been installed which, in addition to precise temperature control, enable thermal disinfection of the fitting body, thus ensuring maximum hygiene and safety.

Contour 21 Schools WC’s are  available in two heights, depending on the age of the children. Both sizes are available as a standing model; the larger model is also available as a wall mounted version. For the new WCs, the optimized rimless flushing technology from Ideal Standard is used once again. In addition to aesthetic considerations, hygiene is the main focus here, as the absence of a conventional concealed rinsing edge means dirt and bacteria cannot get stuck there in the first place.

Small children also have the habit of often clinging to the ring of the toilet seat. Ideal Standard used this knowledge and developed special new toilet seats for the little ones, which are equipped with side handles which the children can hold onto. The useful child toilet seats made of body-friendly thermoplastic are available in four bright colours: White, blue, yellow and red. The new special toilet seats also score well for hygiene. They have an antibacterial effect and effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and germs by emitting silver ions. Within only 15 minutes of use, the toilet seats have been proven to be germ-free. This German developed and patented technology is also used in the cosmetics industry and is harmless to the health.

Apart from the aesthetic, hygienic and safety-relevant aspects, the financial aspects are also important to the kindergarten’s management. In addition to the attractive price-performance ratio of the products, they can effectively save in cleaning and maintenance costs. The smooth surfaces of the ceramics and fittings, as well as the rimless technology of the WCs further minimize the use of cleaning agents and time needed.

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