06. Sep 2019
Case study

Ideal Standard adds its touch of excellence to Saraya Al Aqabam, a residential, business, leisure and entertainment facility

Inspired by charming Middle Eastern tales and sophisticated luxury and rich heritage, nestled between Aqaba’s rose-red mountains and overlooking the pristine Gulf of Aqaba, the hotel’s unmistakable architecture features arabesque motifs, invoking the unique and colossal beauty of the country. Vibrant soft furnishings showcase local weaving skills reflecting family traditions that have been handed down through generations.

Located on the shores of the Red Sea, Saraya Al Aqaba in Jordan is a mixed-use tourism and leisure destination that spreads over 634,000 square meters of land and built around a man-made lagoon that adds approximately 1.5 kilometers of beachfront to the city of Aqaba. Ideal Standard adds its touch of excellence to this residential, business, leisure and entertainment facility, which also hosts four 5-star luxury hotels that appeal to all international visitors and residents.

Guest rooms, set with dark wood furniture accented with mother-of-pearl, combine local elements such as a brass-topped coffee table and other decorative items, along with plush Luxury Collection beds and relaxing bathrooms with rain forest showers. Naturally, for a project of this magnitude, it is but natural for Ideal Standard to bring in its best collection into play, be it Connect, Tesi, Jado, Mara, Melange, IdealRain, Dea Tubs or IOM accessories.

In all, each and every products on use in this iconic project offer their uncompromising touch with a unique style! Timeless modern design in a harmonious creation which epitomise luxury and modern architecture that awaken the senses with its beautiful design and comfortable feel. No less.

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