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  • Archimodule

    A new generation of stylish modular fittings enables you to configure your own unique solution tailor made to your needs and your space. Innovative technology guarantees a flawless look every time, even on unusual tile sizes and unevenly plastered walls.

  • Blue Technology

    The Blue basin mixers are engineered to use less water and energy thanks to features like the flow regulator and the fact that less water is held in the tap when it is off. And by saving energy and water, it saves you money.

  • Ceramix Blue

    Find out more about the unique water, energy and time saving features built into this range of mixers.

  • Connect Rimless

    Rimless design for ease of maintenance and optimal hygiene, ensuring a powerful water stream for perfect rinsing. Advanced everyday living.

  • Connept Space

    Designed to help you get more out of your bathroom, so whether you need more elbow room, clever storage or an en-suite to ease the morning rush, the Connect range offers a range of compact solutions.

  • Dea

    World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new luxury range of bathroom ceramics and furniture. Design innovation, he believes, is all about making life better. When it came to reinventing the modern bathroom,

  • Hidden Fixation WC Installation Instructions

    The innovative hidden fixation system of the new Ideal Standard Toilets and Bidets (DEA, Connect), allows for an easier installation at much less time versus a typical bowl or bidet. Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, the hidden fixation system means a no hole result. A complete smooth, soft edged and seamless design!

  • Idealrain Pro Shower Kits

    Idealrain Pro. The Robust Choice, made from Professionals to Professionals. We’ve designed and built Idealrain Pro to be ultra durable, and extremely economical in use. Perfect for professional settings; like hotels, public washrooms, civic amenities, airports…The handspray’s slim lines contrast with its strength and reliability. The elegant wall mountings are actually heavy duty fixings. The shower’s performance is outstanding and its looks are long lasting.

  • Softmood

    Softmood ceramics, furniture and accessories blend pure, straight lines with smooth curves and soft edges, creating a unique modern aesthetic. This integrate bathroom collection celebrates simplicity in a new way, inviting lightness, openness and sensuousness into a harmonious synthesis with modernity.