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Connect Air: When lightness designs space

Designing out of thin air

Connect Air is a collection for the design savvy. It is classy and practical, stylish and effective. Its thin rims and curved-line items bring an airy feel to any environment; while the exclusive AquaBlade® flushing technology and the wide range of bathroom solutions - in a plethora of sizes, shapes and colour combinations for the furniture - provide for a highly relaxing and enjoyable space. The brain behind the range, and irriversably linked with the name Connect at Ideal Standard, is none other than multiple times awarded, Royal designer, Robin Levien! The extremely light weight and durable Connect Air collection brings care lavished on every detail to guarantee, with its high quality materials, the highest possible standards of functionality, style and design. Perfect solution for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and personal style.

Designer: Robin Levien

The man irriversably linked to the Connect range

Robin Levien is one of Europe's most consistently successful and innovative product designers of the last 25 years. Having established his own design company, Studio Levien, he has concentrated on designing domestic products for leading international companies. He has a special interest in ceramics since childhood, and has been working with Ideal Standard for over 30 years. He became a Royal Designer for Indystry in 1995. His collections have won an impressive number of awards for innovation and sold millions of pieces. His work is in the permanent collection in the Victoria and Albert museum in London. He has been the non Executive Design Director at Ideal Stanadard since 2003 createing many collections for the brand and now the evolution of Connect range: Connect Air.
Robin Levien commented: "Back in 2009 I predicted that products would get lighter and advances in technology and engineering have made the slimming-down of products possible. It was obvious to me that Connect Air should follow this trend of lighter design, so the range taps into the minimalistic trend for sleek and slim line interiors, which can now be transferred throughout the household to include the bathroom.”

Designed out of thin air

Light as the wings of a butterfly, light as air!

The distinct element of Connect Air is the airy feel that it is granting to every environment. This collection, consists of ceramics, furniture, baths and shower trays - four very different product categories - and yet all of them share one very important thing and ultimately perfectly complement each other: Lightness! Inspired by nature, by plants that have to be light and strong. This growing feeling, "life affirming" as our designer Robin Levien says, like a growing flower is a key design element of the Connect Air line.
Thin rims, low profiles, gradually growing shapes contribute to the sensation. It is all about lightness at every element of design!

AquaBlade Flushing Techonology

When award-winning technology and award - winning aesthetics meet

Aquablade is an Ideal Standard exclusive that marks a new era for flushing technologies. Its exceptional performance is only matched by the refinement of its sleek and modern lines. All Connect Air bowls feature the new Aquablade technology, a smooth gently curved surface with no overhanging rim, combined with an exclusively engineered system of channels to create a powerfull 360° cascading wall of water from the very top of the toilet bowl, thus ensuring hygiene and leaving the bowl immaculately clean!

Ceramic Light Elegance

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Connect Air ceramics have a modern contemporary design, while remaining timelessly elegant. Toilets, vanities, vessels and basins are manufadctured with care to ensure durability and enhance the pleasure of your everyday experience. The balance between a solid natural material and the delicacy of Levien's design, result in a pleasant environment that feels light and solid ath the time.

Ceramics available in

  • Vanities

    The Connect Air vanities all share a low profile...

    The Connect Air vanities all share a low profile design to bring a fresh and etherial feeling to any space. Available in a variety of sizes, they work for any bathroom. Its large deck is made to fit all of your beaty and personal care products, avoiding the impression of an overcrowded space.

  • Vessels

    Connect Air vessels have ultra - thin rims, so...

    Connect Air vessels have ultra - thin rims, so sophisticated that your elegance will be undeniable. The idea at the conception of the vessel's design was to create a home object with the luxury look of a hotel. Its expressive angles and light, crisp look make the vessels statement item that can change the whole look of your bathroom.

  • Basins

    Reinterpreting a classic, these basins combine...

    Reinterpreting a classic, these basins combine angled and low exterior sides, the white ceramics and graceful lines with the strength of the material and the nature - inspired shapes. The basins are available in different sizes for a more personalized result.

  • WC & Bidets

    The Connect Air toilets and bidets not only look...

    The Connect Air toilets and bidets not only look beautiful, but add comfort to your everyday life. Their elegant and curvy design brings an airy element to your space. The wall hung and back-to-wall WCs feature a completely invisible fixation system that keeps the design clean, while hosting the exclusive Aquablade® technology.

Create light & uncluttered environment

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Connect Air furniture is designed to highlight the soft and curved lines of the ceramics. Its strong, consice shapes and finishing choices give personality to any room. Six colour combinations chosen by creator Robin Levien to inspire you and let you realize your personal vision for you bathroom - from dark chocolate for a strong design stament to fully white for a minimalistic approach. The palettes and light wood options will bring out the lightness of the overall concept.

Furniture available in

  • Basin & vanity units

    Connect Air basin units are the perfect way to...

    Connect Air basin units are the perfect way to avoid clutter, while decorating your bathroom according to the latest trends. With the same light mood, as the rest of the line, these units come in a plethora of sizes, 2 storage variations - with soft close drawers or with drawer and shelf combined - and manage to keep your space organized and clean. Worktops are available for vessel installation.

  • Side Cabinets

    Connect air side cabinets come in two size...

    Connect air side cabinets come in two size options, 160 cm and 120 cm of height, to give you the opportunity to choose what fits your everyday needs. Internal glass shelves, reversible doors for right or left handed installation are some of the characteristics that will allow you to organize and unclutter your bathroom.

A match made in air

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Consistent with the rest of the range, Connect Air bathtubs will contribute to the fresh and airy feel of your bathroom surroundings. Their thin rims and soft shapes create a harmonious look for the whole bathroom.

Bathtubs available in

  • Bathtubs

    An amazing set of different size and shape options...

    An amazing set of different size and shape options guarantee that Connect Air bathtubs are available in a variety that can cater to every need. Freestanding, rectangular, oval, duo version as well as shower bathtub; there is something for everyone! The spacious interior translates in comfort that allows you to enjoy a relaxing moment.

Lightness for every space

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Shower Trays

Even if we may not realize it, every element of a space plays a part in its overall style and air. Connect Air shower trays' light design makes for a discrete yet elegant shower area. All models have extra space, improving the enjoyment and comfort of each shower. 

Shower trays available in

  • Shower trays

    Square, rectangular and corner shower tray options...

    Square, rectangular and corner shower tray options are available under the Connect Air name. An array of dimensions available for all 3 designs to accomodate all demands. The acrylic allow a flexile installation to fit your bathroom specifics and their thin rims give you more space to move and enjoy the showering experience.