07. Jan 2020
Product news

Ideal Standard offers ‘EDGE’ in tap solutions

With the belief that a bathroom should be as comfortable and beautiful as any other room in the home and aim to redefine the meaning of comfort, affordability and performance, Ideal Standard one of the leading providers of innovative bathroom solutions operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa has launched EDGE – a specialized offering in the world of taps.

Specialized in introducing latest stylish and versatile bathroom solutions, EDGE cuts an edge over others with a clean, defined, streamlined product. With a five-year guarantee, this stylish, minimalist collection is inspired by a return to the essential in design and architecture with an emphasis on quality materials and simple geometric shapes. This is a result of the ongoing conversation with experts bringing the latest developments from the design world.

Modern and uncluttered, this pared-back collection is about quality with its understated chrome form that shifts the focus to function. This is a purposeful, hard- working design with an appearance that underscores its performance.

Ideal Standard is an expert at finding innovative ways to streamline technology while maintaining quality. This expertise means the new tap solution EDGE offered for your home are some of the slimmest and seamless on the market. Created for creativity, Edge collection gives a clean, continuous shape, the versatility every customer needs today. With varying heights and features, mixers for the bath, shower and basin, and a wide collection for every configuration and function, EDGE is the perfect modern piece for your bathroom.

EDGE is precision-engineered that guarantees perfect performance in your tap. Ideal Standard takes great care over every part of the process at its factories across Europe. From the design development to the manufacturing and testing stages, the company’s focus is on excellence thus, quality materials never waver and performance on the tap stands guaranteed.

In addition to being precision engineered products from Ideal Standard are enduring. Everything that leaves the company’s factory has been tested to the limit. Ensuring that the casting is strong Ideal Standard pushes its products through thermal shocks to replicate the most demanding conditions.

Ideal Standard products meet international rigorous quality standards thus EDGE is compliant with the strictest of controls. Its products have always been innovative, effortless, efficient and environment conscious which minimises water consumption without impacting consumer experience. By including Ideal Standard’s BlueStart® technology, Edge allows hot water to flow when one need it saving both energy and costs.


Ideal Standard believes in a good design that should be fast and simple to install. This thinking is incorporated into its product development and Edge has been created with its EasyFix® method for effortless installation. EasyFix® saves up to 30 per cent on installation time.

Edge enters the market with a refreshing modern design with a versatile geometric silhouette, and there’s a model for any project. The company offers a wide range of style-led pieces for the home, but also several high-performance models with fittings specifically designed to increase durability and efficiency for large commercial projects. These fittings bring significant cost savings over time, which is especially important for hotels, restaurants and public spaces. Edge is a complete collection for projects of any scale.

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