01. Oct 2019
Product news

Ceralook kitchen fittings launch

Ideal Standard’s Ceralook kitchen fittings are designed for better comfort, functionality, savings & elegance in the kitchen.

Ideal Standard, one of the leading providers of innovative bathroom solutions operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa, has announced that its new, innovative Ceralook offers the perfect mix of functionality and elegance in the kitchen extending the best of comfort and savings with innovative features.

The slim and elegant Ceralook range, now available in the Middle East, is the perfect addition to the modern kitchen – with an array of technologies not only offering unmatched savings but also a look that is out of the ordinary.

Ceralook fittings benefit from Ideal Standard’s key technologies such as,  BlueStart® technology which ensures that water is only heated when needed, reducing energy usage and ultimately lowering running costs. The pioneering Click technology which comes with a mechanical stop that limits water flow by up to 50%,; and the most durable water and energy saving FirmaFlow® cartridge, engineered and manufactured in Germany, which exceeds the strictest European standards – giving you an extended tap lifecycle of 10 to 15 years.  All these innovations are combined in one fitting - the Ceralook -  offering and extended longevity and performance that is truly exceptional.

The elegance of Ceralook range is further accentuated by slim shapes with great ergonomics, a stylish handle and a bi-colour pull out spray, which allows to increase the radius of the tap for easier use of cleaning.

“Ideal Standard is proud to bring forth the Ceralook kitchen fittings – design combined with clever features that makes life easier and more comfortable for our customers. With its great ergonomics and comfort zone, the Ceralook allows freedom of movement in the kitchen sink – combining functionality with design and savings. Need we ask more in the kitchen... In short, Ceralook is a smart kitchen solution that looks great, performs flawlessly – and also saves money in the long term.”

He added: “In today’s world, kitchen is a living room where families hang around, cook eat and spend time. Naturally, every fitting and product in the kitchen needs to be beautiful, easy to operate and time resistant. We bring this comfort with Ceralook.” 

In a nutshell, Ceralook reduces the impact on the environment with its energy and water-saving technologies, is more durable and reliable, smoother, offers more comfort, compliant with the stringent quality standards, durable and efficient. Coming with various spouts, it is designed for ultimate performance and contemporary statement styling. This new fittings range is part of the ground-breaking designs of Ideal Standard, influencing society as a whole and redefining the role of the kitchens and bathrooms within it.

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